L'ANRS à la 5ème Conférence de l'IAS (19-22 juillet, Cape Town, Afrique du Sud)

le 09/07/2009

L'ANRS organise :

In the context of extensive HIV testing, should HIV therapy be started earlier?

  • The WHO guidelines and their implications, Pedro Cahn, Director of Huesped Foundation, Argentina
  • Morbidity and mortality before and after treatment initiation : looking for the best CD4 threshold to start ART in subsaharan Africa, Raoul Moh, PACCI-ANRS Program, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Psychosocial issues for non ART eligible patients, Bruno Spire, Inserm-IRD Research Unit, President of AIDES, France

Round table: Marco Vitoria, Department of HIV/AIDS, WHO, Switzerland, Susan Cleary, Health Economics Unit, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Is the virological monitoring an appropriate and feasible tool for follow upof treated patients?

Chairs: Avelin F. Aghokeng, Unit Resarch IRD/IMPM, Cameroon, James McIntyre, Perinatal HIV Research Unit, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

  • Implementation of Real Time PCR in low and middle income countries, Christine Rouzioux, University Paris Descartes, Necker Hospital, France
  • The use of viral load monitoring in the South African national program, Andrew Boulle , School of Public Health and Family Medicine, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • An economical assessment of the HIV monitoring assays market in developing countries.
    The Brazilian experience, Cristina d’Almeida, University Paris XIII, France

Round table: Trevor F. Peter and Maurine M. Murtagh, Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative, USA, James McIntyre, UNITAID, Switzerland

Conclusion: Patrice Debré, Ambassador in charge of the fight against AIDS and communicable diseases, France

Scientific committee: Brigitte Bazin, Eric Delaporte, Véronique Doré, Jean-Paul Moatti, Christine Rouzioux, Marie-Christine Simon, Bruno Spire

A lire les communiqués de presse

> Communiqué de presse OMS/ANRS - Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV during breastfeeding (July 22th, 2009)

> Communiqué de presse - Traitement antirétroviral dans les pays du Sud. Les conditions nécessaires pour qu’un traitement très précoce soit bénéfique (21 juillet 2009)

> Communiqué de presse - Une monothérapie par inhibiteur de protéase aussi efficace qu'une trithérapie (22 juillet 2009)