Results of the monkeypox "Flash" call for projects

05 August 2022
monkeypox virus

In June, with the support of the ERINHA (European Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents) team, ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases launched an emergency call for projects to fund research that will provide short-term knowledge on monkeypox.

Out of 17 projects submitted, 10 projects* were selected for funding, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, for a total of nearly three million euros.

Discover below the projects selected and accepted for funding (subject to customary administrative and financial verifications): 



Name of the project leader

BELLANGER Laurent Study of the persistence of the Monkeypox virus over time on different surfaces or materials, under different environmental conditions and validation of decontamination methods.
BODET Charles Physiopathology of the infection of the respiratory mucosa and skin by the monkeypox virus (PHYSIO_VAR)
COLIZZA Vittoria Monkeypox transmission in France: characteristics and public health interventions
DEJUCQ-RAINSFORD Nathalie Monkeypox virus (MPXV) infection and male genital tract
GIRARD Gabriel  Monkeypox - Human and Social Sciences: perception of risks, health measures and vaccination
PALICH Romain Monkeypox virus distribution, transmission, dynamics and immune response (MOVIDA): a substudy of the MOSAIC European Monkeypox observational cohort
PEETERS Martine - AHUKA MUNDEKE Steve  One Health approach to document the extent of monkeypox virus (MPXV) infections in order to assess the frequency and risk of interspecies transmission to humans in Africa
POURCHER Valérie Seroprevalence of Monkeypox infection among HIV-infected patients and PrEP users
TOURNIER Jean-Nicolas Preclinical evaluation of the MVA vaccine in the model of experimental infection of macaque monkeys with monkeypox virus (MKPXV)

* The tenth project selected, currently under finalization, focuses on the potential viral reservoir of the monkeypox virus among domestic animals (details to come)


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