ANRS 2017-2018 business report

14 June 2019
business report cover

The 2017 and 2018 ANRS business review is now available !

The highlights of the last two years are for you to see. Among them, the International AIDS Society global conference, held in Paris in 2017 and co-organised by the agency, the international conference Afravih held in Bordeaux in 2018 with support from the agency, and the AIDS conference held in Amsterdam in 2018, which was at the center of the agencies' efforts.

Access the communications and symposia, major published scientific results and specialised books about HIV or viral hepatitis from the last few months, brought to light by means of the team supported by the agency, in France and other countries.

[When possible, links redirect to whole scientific release, reports, conference abstracts etc]

Research, whether fundamental or clinic, in the fields of public health, HIV, viral hepatitis: french research is ahead in the worldwide race regarding these spheres of competence, as shown by the bibliometric study conducted between 2013 and 2017. Essential conclusions are accessible page 61.

Finally discover the key data of the ANRS and our new committees, renewed in 2018.


Find the full business report (in french) or the brochure in the resources tab.