The ANRS in brief

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ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases, founded on January 1, 2021, is an autonomous agency of Inserm whose missions are to facilitate, evaluate, coordinate, and fund research into HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, and emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases (emerging respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, viral hemorrhagic fevers, arboviruses…).

The agency covers all areas of research: fundamental, clinical, public health, human and social sciences, placing the accent on innovation and the strengthening of international partnerships. 

With its One Health approach focused on human health, animal health and human impact on the environment, the agency is preparing a response to the scientific challenges presented by emerging diseases and for the deployment of that response in times of crisis.

ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases is under the authority of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Solidarity and Prevention, and directed by Prof. Yazdan Yazdanpanah.

The agency federates and facilitates a number of national and international networks of researchers and doctors employed by the principal research organizations, universities, hospitals, and associations. Patient associations and civil society representatives have a prominent place within the organization of ANRS | Emerging infectious diseases.