Vision and missions

In order to structure its actions and effectively mobilise its resources, the agency has set itself targets based on a vision, missions, commitments and a scientific strategy.

Last updated on 06 November 2023


A world where HIV, sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis have been eliminated as public health problems, and where emerging infectious diseases are no longer a threat.


Promote, coordinate, facilitate and fund integrated research for the elimination of HIV, sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis, as well as for the prevention, detection and control of emerging infectious diseases.


A long-term global health ambition

Define, promote and fund:

  • a national and international research programme to eliminate HIV, sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis;
  • a national and international research programme on the prevention, rapid detection, treatment and control of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, developed in particular with the One Health approach.

Promote the implementation of the research findings as clinical and public health tools, such as diagnostic tools, vaccines, treatments, non-pharmaceutical interventions, etc.

A philosophy of openness and collaboration

Develop and strengthen national, European and international networks and partnerships of relevant stakeholders, including civil society and affected populations.

Lead and coordinate France’s scientific stakeholders to facilitate the creation of ambitious research projects and programmes, push the boundaries of knowledge and prepare the scientific agenda that is committed to the future.

Implement effective communication on the research conducted and findings obtained to all stakeholders, including the health authorities, international organisations, affected communities and the media.

Agility and adaptability today and tomorrow

Establish agile administrative and scientific organisation to provide a rapid response and conduct research to face with infectious disease emergencies.

Adapt agency organisation to meet emerging needs in terms of health diplomacy, equity, inclusion, diversity, and climate and environmental change.

Ethical and societal commitment: supporting integrated and inclusive research

Ensure ethical research that guarantees the well-being of the participants and the affected communities, and enhances local training, capabilities and infrastructure.

Support and promote the participation and development of young researchers and defend and develop parity.

Advocate for research and increased national and international funding for research into HIV, sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and emerging infectious diseases.