ANRS Emerging Infectious Diseases helps shape research in its field of study in France and through international partnerships. In this regard, the agency supports research infrastructures and networks, regardless of their structure or supervisory body.

Last updated on 18 June 2024

In accordance with the French national strategy on research infrastructures (Feuille de route nationale des Infrastructures de recherche ) and European strategy for research infrastructures, ANRS Emerging Infectious Diseases initiative is part of France’s commitment to meeting the ever-changing demands of knowledge and innovation. It aims to give French research its rightful place in the world by participating fully in the dynamics of recovery and transition driven by the Plan France 2030 and 4e Programme d’investissements d’avenir (PIA). This is carried out in full compliance with pan-European infrastructure policies.

Research platforms

The agency supports a number of national and international research platforms in a variety of fields, covering the entire continuum of infectious disease research.

Thematic networks

Several thematic research networks are backed by the agency, with the aim of federating and helping to structure the scientific community around specific research topics, expertise and tools.

What is a research infrastructure?

A research infrastructure is a unique, essential facility providing resources or services of national, European or international scope, designed to conduct and support high-quality research.

These infrastructures include major equipment or sets of instruments, knowledge-related facilities such as collections, archives or scientific data infrastructures, computing systems, communication networks to conduct research and foster cutting-edge innovation.

They should:

  • possess identified, centralised and effective governance and scientific steering bodies
  • be open and accessible on the basis of scientific excellence evaluated by international peer groups – they must therefore have adequate evaluation bodies
  • be able to conduct a specific research project and/or provide services to a user community (including players from the economic sector) either on-site or interacting remotely
  • have a financing plan and be able to produce a consolidated budget
  • be part of a dynamic of open science and control of the lifecycle of the data produced and used

Activities of ANRS Emerging infectious diseases

The agency’s objective is to help build a structured and articulated landscape of infrastructures essential to French research and innovation in infectious diseases, with a particular focus on translational issues, such as open science, data, and relationships with industry.

The agency encourages and supports the creation, management, coordination and cooperation of various platforms. It also helps run thematic networks. These activities are performed through scientific, administrative, logistical and financial support, in different fields along the research continuum (notably functional exploration, preclinical and translational research, clinical research, observatories, cohorts and databases, bioinformatics and digital technology).