Who are we?

ANRS MIE (Emerging Infectious Diseases) is an autonomous agency of Inserm that facilitates, evaluates, coordinates and funds research into HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis and emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. We prepare responses to the scientific challenges pose by emerging diseases and ensure their deployment in times of crisis.

Our agency in brief

ANRS MIE (Emerging Infectious Diseases), an autonomous agency of Inserm, supports research to provide scientific responses to infectious diseases in times of crisis and over the long term.


For the definition of our strategy, we have set ten priority objectives in order to conduct our actions within a global context, while taking into account ever-changing health challenges.

Emergence programme

In the event of an emerging or re-emerging epidemic in France or worldwide, our agency can activate a facilitation and watch procedure for a rapid response to health crises.


The scientific activity of our agency is handled by seven departments, including four theme-based departments, two cross-functional departments and one vigilance department. These assist with all aspects of research and are supplemented by the Administration-Finance Department, and the Communication and Scientific Information Department.


To fulfil our missions, our agency has governance, scientific evaluation and coordination bodies.

Activity report

Consult the ANRS MIE (Emerging Infectious Diseases) annual activity report