International network

In parallel with the establishment of partner research sites and major research projects funded and/or promoted by the agency, the international network has grown in density and has been developed from ad hoc collaborations, leading more recently to the emergence of a new partnership modality: the Platform for International Global Health Research (PRISME).

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partner sites
global health research platforms
partneships built ad hoc

A vast international network of multimodal partnerships

Historically, this network has been built up since the 1990s, when the agency was committed to consolidating and forging numerous collaborations with its international partners in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), where French and national research teams worked together on research projects.

The agency allocated annual budgets – excluding recurring projects – to support research development and help train and build teams over the long term.  Supplemented by the signing of framework partnership agreements between ANRS and the various local health and/or research authorities and institutions, this financial support led to the creation of ANRS partner sites.

Partner sites

Place-based partnerships typically involve national structures or institutions.  The partnerships are jointly managed by a pair of local and French coordinators. They establish research priorities and ensure the dynamics of scientific activities of the facility by bringing together major national and international, institutional and scientific players.

International global health research platforms (PRISME)

In 2022 ANRS Emerging Infectious Diseases created an innovative partnership model: the Platforms for International Global Health Research (PRISME for les Plateformes de Recherche Internationale en Santé MondialE), with the aim of making emerging infectious diseases a central focus of its international scientific partnerships. This new, inclusive and collaborative model, which is adaptable to the needs of each partnership, gathers various French and local institutions around a common scientific, technical and academic cooperation project.

This international partnership, hosted by a local research institution responsible for implementing research activities, aims to:

  • identify research priorities;
  • encourage the design and implementation of projects and training initiatives in collaboration with local and international stakeholders.

PRISME is under the responsibility of a local platform manager, in liaison with a referent from one of the French partner research institutions.

In this context, special support is given to the training of young researchers, in particular by awarding Master’s and other training grants.

Partnerships built in ad hoc

ANRS MIE also has ad hoc partnerships with various structures in other LMICs, initiated and perpetuated as part of research projects.


Most of the projects funded and/or promoted by ANRS MIE involve players from this international network. These partners are also involved in many other large-scale research projects supported by other research institutions and donors.