To fulfil our missions, our agency has governance, scientific evaluation and coordination bodies.

Last updated on 14 February 2024

The governance bodies

Advisory Board

The role of the Advisory Board is to make proposals and deliberate on the major strategic orientations of our agency.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board gives its opinion on the major orientations of our agency’s scientific strategy and on its activities. It also provides a forward-looking approach and reports on the work undertaken.

Partners Board

The Partners Board is a forum for sharing information about the agency’s activities, as well as news and research issues within its field.

The scientific assessment bodies

As part of its mission to fund and coordinate research, our agency initiates calls for proposals. Experts are called upon in order to scientifically evaluate the projects submitted.

Sector Scientific Committees (SSCs)

The SSCs conduct the scientific assessment of funding applications. Whether permanent or temporary (for calls for proposals or specific missions), they are composed of at least eight members, one-third of whom from abroad.

Cohort Evaluation Committee

This committee is composed of multidisciplinary, international and independent experts. Meetings follow a three-year cycle to conduct scientific evaluation of the cohorts led by the agency and issue recommendations to senior management.