The agency is a member of various networks. It forges partnerships with national and international associations, organisations and initiatives.

Overwhelming health challenges can only be addressed by concerted responses from all national and international players.

Because we believe research has the power to increase knowledge, promote discoveries and innovations to achieve greater equity and set up better healthcare systems for populations, ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases has built collaborations in France and around the world since its creation. Together with these partners, ANRS | MIE develops and implements coherent strategies for prevention, diagnosis, care, preparedness and response to global health challenges.

From the outset, the agency has been committed to supporting research in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), where infectious disease burden is substential. Along with our vast network of partners, we continue to build momentum by developing research infrastructures, and we developed an ambitious international programme that adresses global health challenges.

Civil society, patient associations and community stakeholders have been at the heart of the ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases identity since 1988. They are true research partners bringing Health Democracy (i.e., a system that recognises the capacity of each individual to know about, decide and act for his or her own health and for the health of the population) to life within the agency.

International network

In parallel with the establishment of partner research sites and major research projects funded and/or promoted by the agency, the international network has grown in density and has been developed from ad hoc collaborations, leading more recently to the emergence of a new partnership modality: the Platform for International Global Health Research (PRISME).

Partnerships and initiatives

ANRS Emerging Infectious Diseases is a member of numerous networks. Within the framework of inter-institutional agreements and research projects, the agency regularly establishes partnerships with regional, national and international organisations and initiatives, private foundations and associations.

International structuring projects

As an operator of capacity-building programmes, one of ANRS MIE’s missions is to support strategic international projects. The agency mobilises and coordinates the resources needed for international projects involving French research players and their partners. This new prerogative was initiated with the the AFROSCREEN project; the coordination of the CSA Be Ready project and participation in the…

Patient associations

ANRS MIE is part of a Health Democracy approach. The approach recognises the capacity of each individual to know about, decide and act for his or her own health and for the health of the population. This is made possible by pooling knowledge and practices, enabling participative and constructive research.