Scientific animation groups

The agency brings people together in a variety of groups: coordinated actions (CA), working groups and sub-groups, networks, task forces, and so on. The aim is to encourage exchanges between researchers from different institutions or specialties, and representatives of patient associations. These meetings help to stimulate reflection on specific themes, encourage research collaboration and the design of innovative projects.

Last updated on 24 November 2023


One of the agency’s main missions is to promote research in the thematic fields within its scope of intervention.

The aim of this mission is to enable exchanges between researchers from different institutions, sometimes from different specialties, and representatives of patient associations: this helps to foster research collaborations, to encourage reflection on specific subjects, to design and implement innovative projects, to highlight priority research areas or, on the contrary, less-treated areas that are nonetheless necessary.

Coordinated actions

Coordinated action Fundamental and translational research on viral hepatitis

Coordinated action (CA 42) coordinates research on fundamental and translational research projects in the field of viral hepatitis, prospects new areas of interest, establishes future directions and supports researchers as their projects mature.

Coordinated action Host-virus interactions: basic and translational HIV research

Coordinated Action (CA 41) drives research into the mechanisms regulating HIV replication and persistence, the induction of effective immune responses and remission of infection through patient cohorts and animal models, with the aim of developing curative therapies.