When defining our strategy, we established ten priority objectives in order to for including our actions within a global context while taking the ever-changing health challenges into account.

Strategic objectives

A long-term global health ambition

  • Define, promote and fund:
    • a national and international research programme to eliminate HIV, sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis.
    • a national and international research programme on the prevention, rapid detection, treatment and surveillance of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, developed particularly with the One Health approach in mind.
  • Promote the use of research findings in clinical and public health tools such as diagnostics, vaccines, treatments, non-pharmaceutical interventions, etc.

A philosophy of openness and collaboration

  • Develop and strengthen the national, European and international networks and partnerships between the concerned stakeholders, including civil society and the affected populations.
  • Facilitate and coordinate French scientific forces to simplify the creation of ambitious research projects and programmes, extend the limits of knowledge and prepare the scientific agenda committed to the future.
  • Implement effective communication of research and findings to all stakeholders, including health authorities, international organisations, affected communities and the media.

Agility and adaptability today and tomorrow

  • Establish flexible administrative and scientific organisation enabling us to respond rapidly and conduct research to address infectious disease emergencies.
  • Adapt our organisation to meet emerging needs in terms of health diplomacy, equity, inclusion, diversity, and climate and environmental change.

Ethical and societal commitment: supporting integrated and inclusive research

  • Ensure ethical research, for the well-being of the participants and affected communities, and which improves local training, capabilities and infrastructures.
  • Support and promote the participation and development of young researchers, defend and develop parity.
  • Advocate for research and for increased national and international funding for research into HIV, sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and emerging infectious diseases.

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Crisis preparedness / response continuum

Our mandate to support research forms part of a continuum and covers two complementary aspects:

  • the rapid implementation of research programmes in the event of an emergence: we have developed a framework to systematically respond to emerging infectious disease epidemics (in France and internationally), based on a grading of the response according to the specific characteristics of the emergence: type of pathogen, location, risk of extension, whether or not medical countermeasures exist.
  • long-term preparedness for future epidemics and pandemics: we are involved in two strategic programmes:
    • in France, we are participating in the emerging infectious diseases and CBRN threats national acceleration strategy supported by the France 2030 investment plan through the operational steering of the Emerging Infectious Diseases Priority Research and Resources Programme (PEPR MIE).
    • in Europe, we are coordinating the BE READY (CSA-BE READY) project which aims to federate over 20 European partners around the development of a research agenda for emerging crises.