Given our international commitment to pandemic preparedness and response, the European Commission entrusted us with the coordination of CSA Be Ready (Building a European Strategic Research and Innovation Area in Direct Synergy with other EU and International Initiatives for Pandemic Preparedness), starting on 1 June 2022 and for a period of three years.

Last updated on 02 February 2024

Creating a European research and innovation area

Building on the expertise of public health organisations, ministries (of science, education, health, innovation or the environment) and research organisations to ensure a transversal and interdisciplinary One Health and  Global Health approach, BE READY aims to provide the foundations of the future European partnership for pandemic preparedness.

Its objective is to help create a European research and innovation area for better coordination and support of research and innovation, thereby improving the EU’s ability to predict and respond to emerging infectious threats.

As part of this initiative, our agency is specifically responsible for defining the strategic research and innovation agenda, by coordinating a consortium of 24 public organisations and institutions from 16 different countries. All partners have a key role in their respective countries in preparedness and response activities.

Two primary objectives

  • Define scientific research priorities
  • Establish a European strategic agenda for research and innovation

Six key actions

  • Engage with all prospective future partners to support alignment on its scope, common objectives, governance and working/implementation methods
  • Develop an innovative and visionary strategic agenda for pandemic preparedness research and innovation, based on a transversal and interdisciplinary One Health and Global Health approach
  • Consolidate the future European partnership for pandemic preparedness
  • Ensure complementarities, coordination and collaboration with HERA
  • Involve stakeholders and relevant initiatives in pandemic preparedness, ensuring collaboration and coordination
  • Raise awareness of the importance of increased pandemic preparedness both outside and during epidemic/pandemic episodes