Emergency funds mobilized to tackle the Mpox outbreak

Published on 07 May 2024


ANRS MIE is joining ANRS MIE is joining the fight to tackle the current Mpox epidemic, and will contribute 500,000 euros to the Mpox emergency call for proposals set up by Global Health EDCTP3.

An increasing number of cases of Mpox have been reported over the past few weeks in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), representing a public health risk at national level and beyond the DRC’s borders.
Already categorized as a public health emergency by the DRC’s Ministry of Health, this epidemic requires rapid and effective international mobilization to support the DRC’s efforts, reduce the risk of transmission, and also facilitate better preparedness in countries outside the DRC. The call for proposals therefore aims to support research activities in the DRC and in neighboring or affected countries, in order to manage and/or prevent the spread of the current epidemic.
A few weeks ago, ANRS MIE opened a level 1 emergence cell on the Mpox epidemic in the DRC. As part of its commitment to a coordinated response to epidemics, ANRS MIE is pleased to announce a contribution of 500,000 euros to the call for proposals launched by the Global Heath EDCTP 3.

The emergency call for proposals

  • A few days ago, the Global Health EDCTP3 Program decided to launch an emergency call for proposals worth 5.5 million euros, with the aim of improving knowledge of the virus and feeding into national and international strategies for preparing for and responding to this public health emergency.
  • This call for proposals will be open from May 14 to 29, 2024.
  • It is aimed at projects involving the research and development of therapeutics, vaccines, surveillance strategies, rapid diagnostics and epidemiological studies.
  • It supports research activities in DRC and neighbouring or affected countries.
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The ANRS MIE contribution to the EDCTP3 programme

ANRS MIE is actively involved in the third programme of the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP).

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